Feel all the feelings 🌻

Healing is a process which most of people go through, yet many of us don’t know how to heal ourselves. Healing is a process we think must be relaxing and soothing but no it is something exhausting, draining of our mind but you will get through it. Our mind, our feelings is something we think… Continue reading Feel all the feelings 🌻

Let go!

Let go of things affect you badly, let go those bad memories which gives you pain, let go those people who backstabbed you, let go those tears in shower of rain. Let go those fears which you’re afraid of, let go those fake friends who aren’t yours, let go the past which haunts you, let… Continue reading Let go!

Things often we feel

We have people in our lives but still we often feel alone, people say they will be there for you but most of the times they don’t. It feels numb to see your parents fighting, it feels bad when you’ve nobody to go to. From childhood we’ve been struggling through situations in search of a… Continue reading Things often we feel

Know your worth!

Sometimes you have to be strong by yourself. You’ve to know that you’re a good person and a good friend. What’s meant to be end up good it will and what’s not will not. Love and friendship is worth fighting for but you cannot be the only one always fighting. Sometimes people need to fight… Continue reading Know your worth!


Staying alone feels good until you become lonely. Most of the times talking to someone doesn’t feel good but when you genuinely need someone nobody is by your side and you always end up feeling lonely , you suffocate, but no one can notice that. You think you’re strong af, nobody can hurt you but… Continue reading Loneliness

A Timid Little Girl

A little girl born with lots of smiles and hopes she never knew she have to face lots of struggles in future. After a certain age she went out to school, met new people, started socializing though she was kind hearted, strong but timid. Days were going, she was growing up and suddenly everything changed… Continue reading A Timid Little Girl